CHHS at Thompson Itinerary

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Band News

CHHS at Thompson
Friday, September 22, 2023

3:00 School ends. You may leave school and get something to eat, or you may
stay at school and eat something you bring or have brought to you.
Please have a plan for your dinner.

**Staying at school is not a free-for-all. You will be confined to the
band room area only.

4:30 Call time (if you left campus)

4:45 Load buses

5:00 Depart CHHS

5:30 Approximate arrival at Thompson

7:00 Kick-off GO HORNETS!!!

9:30 Approximate time the game ends

10:45 Approximate arrival back at CHHS

Arrival times back at Chelsea High School are approximate. Please be flexible if
these times are a little before or extend past the approximated arrival.

All students must ride the bus to the game. Students may be checked out only
BY THEIR PARENT at the conclusion of the game through their bus
chaperone. Students may only be checked out once equipment is loaded.

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