Concession Stand Operations

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Band News

Hello Band Family! We have an important announcement regarding concession stand operations… BUT FIRST: Blue & White Day yesterday was a great “warm up” for our concession stand team to ensure we are prepared for Thursday’s jamboree when we will operate a full concession menu and all 3 stand locations. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of our parents and our AMAZING band kids who showed up and did whatever was asked of them, from helping with concession operations to moving supplies and cleaning to make sure we are ready for Thursday! We would not have been able to operate without the FANTASTIC CLEANING JOB handled by Pam Shaw, her daughter Abby (Piper) and friends who worked tirelessly to get it done. BIG SHOUT OUT to our dads who started grilling at 8 and stayed well into the afternoon to make sure we had enough hamburgers and hotdogs. We appreciate you so much!

NOW FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to scheduling challenges–and with the goal of using our resources and personnel to the greatest benefit of our program–we have decided to turn over concessions operations for JV games to be managed by the cheer booster organization.

  • If you are currently signed up for a JV game, you will receive a notification when that signup is deleted.

At that time, please sign up for a varsity concession slot instead. Slots are still available for Thursday’s varsity jamboree game vs Northridge.

  • We are also opening a maximum of 5 prep slots to handle bagging ice, moving drinks and loading and unloading coolers, etc to prepare the home stand, visitor stand, and Pepsi trailer for ALL Friday home games. These limited prep slots will operate mid to late afternoon on Thursday and on Fridays before concessions opens as needed. If you are interested in this role, please reply to this email to receive more information.

Please sign up for your required slot per band member by Tuesday, August 15th. After that time, we will begin assigning slots to individuals who have not signed up yet. This is critical to ensure we have enough resources and people available to operate concessions at our home games.

Concessions are the primary fundraiser for our program, and support from everyone is essential to our success and a key part of a positive game day experience for our families and fans. We appreciate your support.